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Sifu Ahmed Khan (Head Coach)

Blackbelt 2nd Dan sanshu/Chinese Kickboxing.

Blue belt in bjj.


Sifu Ahmed Khan was taught by the late, famous Afghanistan Kung Fu Master, Ehsan Shafiq.

He stumbled across Kung Fu; while he was doing his daily weight training workout in the gym. At a young age, he was more interested in building muscles and looking good in the mirror. Sifu Ahmed used to do weight training in the gym, 2 to 3 times a week. After witnessing the fitness training in Kung Fu, he thought it would be a good way for him to get his body ripped. To his astonishment, he realized that after years of body building, he could not hold a simple Kung Fu stance. That was the end of his bodybuilding and the start of his new found love for Kung Fu. Through the years of training with Master Ehsan Shafiq, he has gained great knowledge and understanding of the art of Kung Fu.

Sifu Ahmed has not only done demonstrations in front of hundreds of people, has also entered many tournaments of different martial arts.

Teakwando Silver ITF national Champion.

Sanshou Gold 2006 British Champion.

Sanshou Silver 2009 British Champion.

UKMMA2 Gold Bantom weight.

And many more....

With this experience and knowledge he has trained his students to the ability where they have exceeded themselves and won gold and silver medals in kung Fu (sanshou), Kickboxing, Teakwando, MMA.


Master Ehsan Shafiq

Late Master Ehsan Shafiq started training in Shaolin Kung Fu at the age of 7. He was taught by his elder brother Grand Master Wahidullah Shafiq. Master Ehsan Shafiq has won many championships in all different styles of martial arts tournaments; in national and international levels.

He was the founder of ESKF in the UK, where he had trained over 100s of students. Some who had won championships in all types of martial arts.

Master  Ehsan Shafiq passed away on 05/06/2012 due to unknown illness.

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